Clause uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model, meaning you only pay for what you use, when you need it. 

This is a list of the services Clause offers and their respective costs:

User Seats$10 per user per month
Contracts$5 per contract per month
Contract Updates$0.50 per Update
Support tier
Silver$100 per month
Gold$500 per month

Free evaluation credits

Every new organization on Clause will receive $100 of free credit to spend as they wish, so you can evaluate whether Clause is the right connected contracting solution for you.

When your free credits are exhausted, you will be asked to enter your billing information to continue using Clause on a pay-as-you-go basis.

About our Services

User Seats

$10 per month per seat

A user seat is a license or slot that can be filled by an organization member. A seat can only be used by one member at a time. 

Organizations pay for seats on a monthly basis. So the organization buys seats and are billed whether or not those seats are filled. If you buy a seat in the middle of your billing cycle, the cost will be prorated. Seats removed in the middle of the billing cycle are not prorated.

Example of removing seats from your organization

Acme Corp pays for 10 seats every month on October 10th. If Acme Corp removes 3 seats, leaving 7 seats, they will pay for those seats for the remainder of the billing cycle but will lose access to them immediately.


$5 per contract per month

Any contract on the Clause dashboard is counted towards this charge. Storing a contract on Clause allows you to edit, organize, share, and view the status of your contracts. Additionally, contracts include a detailed audit trail that you can choose to export to a tamper-resistant blockchain.

In the near future, our contracts service will include analytics and permission management for contracts stored on Clause.

Clause measures contract time by hours. So, for example, if your contract only exists for an hour or less, you will be charged for a one hour fraction of the $5 per month rate.

Example contract charge

On June 1st, Acme Corp creates 50 contract drafts on Clause. On June 15th, Acme Corp deletes 25 drafts and sends the remaining 25 contracts out for signatures. They are all signed within a few days and their Smart Clause® Templates finish running by June 25th. Acme Corp chooses to keep these 25 contracts in their dashboard so they can reference the audit trails of these contracts in case of a legal dispute in the future. On July 1st, the first day of Acme Corp's new billing cycle, they are charged $2.50 per contract for the 25 that were deleted on June 15th, because they only existed for half a month. They are charged $5 per contract for the 25 that existed for the entire month, and they will continue to be charged $5 per month for each contract for as long as they choose to store them on Clause.

Contract Updates

$0.50 per Update

A Smart Clause® Template is a component you can add to your contracts on Clause that enables your contract to communicate with IoT Devices, automate payments, and more. A contract update occurs when a Smart Clause receives a transaction (a real-time update) from an external system or IoT Device. The Smart Clause may perform calculations or emit notifications or payment obligations in response to the update. Updates are what make Smart Clauses "smart" and able to automate actions in your contract.

Example Update

Acme Corp has a contract with Alpha Shipping to ship wine glasses with a Fragile Goods Smart Clause® Template. Acme Corp connects this Smart Clause to an accelerometer in the shipping container containing the wine glasses. When the accelerometer registers a shock event, it updates the Smart Clause by sending a request to the Smart Clause, triggering the Smart Clause to send a response. Clause charges Acme Corp $0.50 for this request, and the Smart Clause automatically charges Alpha Shipping a penalty for mishandling the fragile wine glasses.

Support Service

We offer three customer support options:

Bronze Support — Free
Access to our help articles and chat. Best-effort response time.

Silver Support — $100 per month
Access to our help articles, and chat. 24-hour response time.

Gold Support  $500 per month
Access to our help articles and chat. Dedicated Account Manager. Solution assessment. 8-hour response time.

If you have any questions about Clause’s pricing model, please feel free to reach out via the in App chat or at