Clause for Salesforce is currently in beta. We welcome your feedback!

To install Clause for Salesforce you should use the Chat icon to request access to the beta program.

Upon being accepted into the beta program you will receive:

  1. Salesforce managed package installation URL and password
  2. Clause Salesforce Listener URL, username and password

You must be a System Administrator of the target Salesforce organization to install Clause for Salesforce (a managed package). You will also need a Clause organization.

After you have received your installation URL and complete the Salesforce package installation, you must complete the following post install steps.

Installation should take approximately 10 minutes.

Salesforce Administration

Named Credential

In the Salesforce Settings panel you must create a new Named Credential for Clause for Salesforce, with the following properties:

Label: Clause Salesforce Listener
Name: Clause_Salesforce_Listener
URL: <Supplied>
Identity Type: Named Principal
Authentication Protocol: Password Authentication
Username: <Supplied>
Password: <Supplied>

Enter the details exactly as specified, and then press Save.

Clause Contract Layout

Clause for Salesforce has installed a new page layout for the Contract entity. Specify which user profiles have access to the Clause Contract Layout using Settings > Object Manager > Contract > Page Layout and then press the Page Layout Assignment button.

Press the Edit Assignment button and then select the profiles that should use the Clause Contract Layout, then press Save.

Clause Salesforce Listener Administration

Navigate to the supplied Clause Salesforce Listener URL and login using the supplied username and password. Use the two links to authenticate the listener to both your Salesforce organization and to your Clause organization.


Congratulations! You can now test Clause for Salesforce. Within Salesforce, create a new Contract, specifying the type of the contract as NDA, and then press Save.

Refresh the contract page. Under the Clause for Salesforce section of the contract details, you should now see that the Clause Contract URL and other fields have been populated. 

`Press the URL to verify that the contract has been created within Clause. Detailed instructions on next steps are in the generated contract.


Please report any issues, questions or feedback using the chat icon within Clause.