This tutorial walks you through creating your first connected contract containing the Full Payment on Signature Smart Clause®.

No programming is required and the tutorial should only take you a few minutes.

Create account and confirm email address

Sign up for Clause at Once your Clause account has been created you will receive an email. Click the link in the email to confirm your email address and to agree to the Terms and Conditions of use.


To login to Clause with your email and password visit:

Connect your account to Stripe

To automate credit card payments using the Clause platform you need to connect your Clause account to your Stripe account. Click Settings in the menu bar and then select Apps in navigation menu to the left of the screen. Press the Connect button beneath the Stripe App.

If you already have a Stripe account you can simply login and connect. If you do not have a Stripe account then you can create a new Stripe account by filing out the form and then connect it to Clause.

Connect your account to DocuSign or HelloSign (optional)

To digitally sign your contracts you must connect  your Clause account to your DocuSign or HelloSign account. 

Clause uses embedded HelloSign signature flows, so you must have an Enterprise HelloSign account, or a Silver (or higher) API account.

If you do not connect your Clause account to DocuSign or HelloSign then your contracts will be signed in test mode, and they may not be legally enforceable.

Create a new contract

Return to the contract dashboard by pressing the Contracts button in the menu bar.

To create a new contract you can either upload an existing contract (as a PDF or MS Word docx file) or you can start a new contract by pressing the Create New Contract button. 

Edit the contract

You should now have the contract text open in the contract editor. You can edit the text of the contract as necessary. Note that the editor will autosave your changes.

Edit contract metadata

Now is a good time to press the pencil icon to the right of the name of the contract at the top of the contract editor. Enter a descriptive name, description and optionally some tags for the contract. This metadata will help you find and organise your contracts in the contract dashboard.

Add a second signatory

Contracts must have at least two signatories, so press the Add signatory button in the menu bar at the top of the contract editor. Enter the first and last name of the signatory along with their email address.

Insert a Full Payment on Signature Smart Clause

Now it's time to make this a smart legal contract!

Move your cursor position to where you would like to insert a payment clause into your contract. If necessary, select the Smart Clauses tab to the right of the editor, then press the Add Clause button followed by the Add to contract button beneath the Full Payment Upon Signature smart clause.

You should see the Smart Clause inserted into the contract text.

You can either edit the text of the smart clause inline in the contract or using the Parameters property sheet to the right of the contract editor. Clicking the Buyer dropdown in the property sheet allows you to specify the contract signatory that is the buyer of the goods. By default you are the seller of the goods. You can set the price of the goods and the currency code. As you make changes in the property sheet you should see the contract text updated and vice-a-versa.

Once you have set the Total Purchase Price, Currency Code, Buyer and Seller parameters for the smart clause you need to link the smart clause to your Stripe payment gateway: press the drop down beneath Payment Gateway and select your Stripe connection. 

View the Timeline

You can view the history of contract events by pressing the Timeline tab to the right of the contract editor. You should see events for adding signatories, saving the contract, adding smart clauses etc.

Download Contract as a PDF File

Before sending the contract out for signature you probably want to see a preview. You can download the contract as a PDF document by pressing the Download PDF button.

Request Signatures

You've edited your contract legal text, added signatories, added and configured a smart clause. Now it is time to digitally sign the contract!

Press the Request Signatures button. You are given an opportunity to review the contract information and can then press the Send button. When you press Send Clause will start the digital signature flow: generating a PDF and emailing a signature request to the signatories. The first step of the signature flow is for you (as the seller) to sign the contract. 

Seller signs the contract

Clause will prompt you to sign the contract. If you have not linked your own HelloSign or DocuSign accounts to Clause then the contract will be signed in test mode and will not be legally enforceable.

If you have linked your DocuSign account to Clause you will be promoted to position the signature blocks for each of the signatories on the PDF. You can then press the "Send" button to initiate the signature flow.

You are then promoted to sign the contract as the seller - the specifics will vary depending on the electronic signature provider you are using.

Check contract status

After you have signed return to the contract dashboard. The status of the contract is now SIGNING and the contract can no longer be edited. If you open the contract and view the Status tab you should see that you have signed the contract (as the seller) and that Clause is waiting for a signature from the buyer.

Buyer signs the contract

The buyer should now check the email account you added when you added the buyer as a signatory. They should have received an email from Clause requesting that they sign the contract. 

Note that the buyer does not need to have a Clause account to sign the contract.

The buyer should press the Sign Contract button in the email, opening a web page that allows them to preview the contract, confirm the total price, enter credit card information and then digitally sign the contract.

Note that the buyer's credit card information is sent direct to Stripe and is never stored on Clause servers.

Check contract status

When all the contract signatories have signed the contract it transitions to the RUNNING state and Clause connects to Stripe to trigger a credit card payment from the buyer to the seller. Once a payment confirmation is received from Stripe (which can take a few minutes) the contract will transition to the COMPLETED state.

Check funds were received

Once the contract enters the COMPLETED state the Stripe payment has been confirmed. You can login to your Stripe dashboard and you will see the credit card payment from the buyer as in incoming payment.

Next Steps 

Congratulations! You have completed the Quick Start! Please check out our other tutorials.