So you've drafted your contract? Now is the time to make it come to life!

Clause helps you to connect your contract to the real-world through our set of built-in connectors.


Triggers are inbound requests to your contract. For example:

  • Sensor data sent from your supply chain
  • A deal getting closed in your CRM system
  • Real-time transaction information from your accounting platform.

Currently, all triggers to Clause must come through our public REST API. You'll need some development experience to send the trigger in the correct format from your source system. See the REST API guide for more information.


Actions are the real-world side-effects that Clause performs on your behalf as a result of a contract trigger. 

Not all contracts will have action. In many cases the response to your inbound trigger can be sufficient for you determine what to do next in your source system.

You use Action Flows to connect a Smart Clause to external systems, via a sequence of Steps.