When a contract is created, it starts off in a "Drafting" state. In this state, you can edit the properties of the contract, such as its name and tags, as well as the contract text. You can add Smart Clauses, configure actions, and add signatories.


Once signature requests for a contract have been sent to the signatories, the contract enters the "Signing" state. Once a contract is in the Signing state, it is read-only. You can no longer edit the contract's properties, text, or Smart Clauses. You may resend the signature request emails and view who has already signed.


Once a contract has been signed by all of the signatories, it enters the "Running" state. From here, you may download a PDF of the contract with the included e-signatures. When a contract is Running, its Smart Clauses can receive data and trigger actions that were configured during the Drafting phase.


Once all of a contract's Smart Clauses have completed, the contract itself is marked as "Completed." After a contract has completed, it may be deleted from your dashboard. However, deleting a contract will also delete the audit trail associated with it. 

Note: Only contracts in the Drafting and Completed phases can be deleted. However, a contract can be manually marked as Completed from any state, and can therefore then be deleted.