Contracts are billed at $5 per month. Any contract on the Clause dashboard is counted towards this charge. Storing a contract on Clause allows you to edit, organize, share, and view the status of your contracts. 

In the near future, our contracts service will include analytics and permission management for contracts stored on Clause.

Clause measures contract time by hours. So, for example, if your contract only exists for an hour or less, you will be charged for a one hour fraction of the $5 per month rate.

Example contract charge

On June 1st, Acme Corp creates 50 contract drafts on Clause. On June 15th, Acme Corp deletes 25 drafts and sends the remaining 25 contracts out for signatures. They are all signed within a few days and their Smart Clauses finish running by June 25th. Acme Corp chooses to keep these 25 contracts in their dashboard so they can reference the audit trails of these contracts in case of a legal dispute in the future. On July 1st, the first day of Acme Corp's new billing cycle, they are charged $2.50 per contract for the 25 that were deleted on June 15th, because they only existed for half a month. They are charged $5 per contract for the 25 that existed for the entire month, and they will continue to be charged $5 per month for each contract for as long as they choose to store them on Clause.