The Clause API is in Beta. Documentation for the API is available at

Over the last two months, we've seen some great products being built with the API, and we've received some valuable feedback.

Based on this feedback we plan to progressively release several changes to our API in July 2019.

These changes allow us to simplify the user experience for login and to give API consumers a more consistent experience across all of our API. 

As well as introducing many new operations, we plan to deprecate three existing methods. All of the deprecated methods will have a replacement that has the same signature as the existing operation.

Deprecated Operations

The following API operations will change:

The request and response payloads for each of the replacement operations will remain the same.

These deprecated operations will be removed entirely on 16th September 2019.

By removing the assumption about the target organization, we allow API consumers to unambiguously target one of the user's organizations where permission has been granted by the API for access by your API client application. By being explicit in the organization scope, this allows us to remove the session organization selection step from authentication flow to simplify the user's experience.

API clients can retrieve a list of organizations that the user is a member of with the GET users/{userId}/full operation.